Cafeteria Plans allow employees savings of


About Flexible Benefits System, Inc

The roots of Flexible Benefits System, Inc. grew out of Section 1151 of the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which changed several of the existing rules in Internal Revenue Code Section 125 governing cafeteria plans.

Robert Relph Jr, CEO of Relph Benefit Advisors, knew that this was an opportunity to help employees keep more of their hard-earned wages, and to help employers provide better benefits.

Cafeteria plans allow employees to pay for a variety of health care expenses without paying any federal tax on those charges. The result can be a savings of 25-40% of every dollar the employee contributes.

Relph believed that Cafeteria Plans would become the most cost and benefit effective tool used in the administration of employee benefit plans.

Flexible Benefits System (FBS) has been working with Relph Benefit Advisors for more than 30 years to provide relief from the complexity, liability and expense involved with providing employee benefits.

Flexible Benefits System, Inc. has procedures to protect employers, plan participants, the HRA, and the health FSA which are specifically designed so all stay in compliance and avoid legal and tax issues that can arise from improperly administered reimbursement accounts.

Flexible Benefits System Service Philosophy

Complete IRS guideline adherence is a regulation. Substantiating only a percentage of claims or only claims above a defined dollar amount is prohibited, as well as “self-substantiation” of an expense by an employee. The IRS 2007 proposed regulations mandate that plans permitting these prohibited practices or otherwise failing to comply with the substantiation requirements will result in all claims being disqualified and all employees will be taxed on all expenses paid by use of their debit card. The Flexible Benefits System processing timeline allows thorough claims logging, reviewing, and auditing. Every claim is subject to each step of our quality control program, assuring that monies have been properly utilized and distributed to maintain the tax-free nature of HRA/FSA benefits. The Flexible Benefits System Employees are licensed as a Flexible Compensation Specialist. They provide claims reimbursement support and average 18 service calls per day.

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